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Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

Here at Language Reach we understand that for a piece of promotional material to prove effective, language and design need to be perfectly balanced. This is where Desktop Publishing comes into the picture literally!


What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing refers to the production of visual elements in advertising, in essence the focus is on layout and design where words alone aren’t appropriate. Desktop Publishing is used to support catalogues, fliers, adverts and all aspects of design in communications.

This service is vital in allowing for a truly accurate translation. The Arabic language for instance reads from right to left which means that there are added elements that need to be considered. And aside from forming grammatically and locally correct sentences, our experts have to consider the layout of the content which has to be thoroughly re-adapted for a transparent translation. There are also other languages such as Russian which require specific layout changes because of the way it is written and read.


Our Experts

Our devoted team of experts are on hand to effectively modify content in over 150 languages to illustrate and bring together all aspects of graphic design and translations. We work with the best translators and graphic designers.

We also ensure that all marketing and promotional material resonates with its intended audience and for that reason, we make every facet of our translation service available. We want to facilitate easy communication between businesses and their audiences and our desktop publishing services make that possible.


We work with the following file formats

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Creative Suite CS4
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