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At Language Reach we recognise that views can be characterised by experiences and cultural surroundings. And we fully understand the possibility of information being lost in translation. Messages still have the power to read the same in differing languages, yet vary in perception. Here at Language Reach our marketing localisation services ensure that words and phrases adapt to localised target markets.


Let’s Dig Deeper

Localisation encompasses language and words, so it’s only right that our trained experts dig deeper into researching cultural relevance in wider perspectives. The use of imagery, colour, tone and numbers are elements we take into consideration. If we examine the use of colour and its profound meaning in different parts of the world, we can get a better idea of why localisation plays a vital role. If we analyse the colour white for example and its significance and meaning in varying cultures, we will be able to highlight both positive and negative connotations. Here in the UK, the colour white signifies purity and virtue and is often attributed in a positive manner. On the other hand in places such as China and Korea white is associated with death and mourning. This highlights the significance of localisation and its place in translation

But colours aren’t the only elements to take into consideration when reaching new markets. We also look at how images are perceived in different parts of the world and how numbers hold varying significance. Again, because we recognise that a number can be deemed lucky in one region and unlucky in another, we use our global network of language and cultural specialists to deliver our localisation services. We provide a unique insight for each and every target market, allowing you to adjust detail without changing the desired message.


How It Works

  • You approach us with your proposed idea.
  • We build a strategic blueprint to maximise potential.
  • With expert help, we adjust your marketing material and propose the idea in your target market
  • Account managers will continue to work alongside you, to steer you along and help you reach your goal.


Our Linguists and Services Covered

Our devoted team of expert linguists are here to unite marketing in over 150 languages allowing businesses to acquire new markets through detailed localisation.


We Cover the Following Marketing Localisation Services

  • Software and applications
  • Websites
  • Documentation
  • Multi-Media
  • Branding
  • eLearning Material
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